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Our Philosophy

Wellness is  a multifaceted  approach to living that promotes well being in all areas of life.  We acknowledge that a lack of health or well-being in one area of a person’s life affects their overall sense of well-being.  We believe in the cultivation of a strong immune system and health through detoxification, hygiene, diet and healthy lifestyle practices.

Our Observations & Conclusions

Our health is under attack*

  1. Between 2013/2016 a 46% increase in major depression diagnosis
  2. A 250% increase in allegies over the last 8 years
  3. 1 in 10 people now suffer IBS
  4. Auto-Immune disease prevalence increasing at 10% per annum
  5. Food alergy diagnosis has doubled over the past decade
  6. Diabetes to increase 53% in 15 years
  7. Obesity increased 20% last 3 decades
  8. 800 presciptions for every 1000 people
  9. 1 in 3 prescriptions are uneccessary 
  10. And so it goes on

What is causing the problem?*

  1. Diet - Modern diet, Ultra-processed foods, Refined carbs, Sugars, Preservatives, Additives

  2. Physical - Poor elimination, Food sensitivities, Intestinal permeability (Leaky Gut), GI Inflammation and disfunction, Gut micro flora imbalance, Parasites, Inadequate bacterial acquisition, Lack of activity

  3. Toxins - Air quality,  water quality, pathogens, herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, GMO's, antibiotics, NSAID's, solvents, cosmetics, cleaning products..

  4. Stress - Psychological, Environmental

A balanced holistic approach*

  1. Share the journey with like minded practitioners and people
  2. Start with a healthy gut.  Cleanse, Detoxification and Restoration is essential. 
  3. Reduce exposure to and eliminate toxins where practicable
  4. Become regular
  5. Eliminate parasites
  6. Improve your diet
  7. Improve water quality & increase intake
  8. Exercise regularly
  9. Sleep more and sleep well 
  10. Reduce stress.  Cognitive therapies

Our Vision

At Natures Wellness Hub our Vision is to improve our customers emotional, environmental and physical wellness through our product range.  100% natural organic herbs, foods, products and remedies that are free from exposure to toxins and in balance with the broader environment.    

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